How Unhealthy Feet Impact Your Health

Nov 24, 2020
How Unhealthy Feet Impact Your Health
Healthy feet do much more than we tend to give them credit for. They provide support to your entire body. They also help to maintain balance and posture.

Healthy feet do much more than we tend to give them credit for. They provide support to your entire body. They also help to maintain balance and posture.

Honestly, your entire life is actually run by your feet (no pun intended).

Your brain may process your decisions, but it is your feet that carry out many of the commands that inform your day.

Some serious foot diseases can change your life, creating mobility issues or even leading to other problems in your body. Just how connected are your feet to the rest of you? Could unhealthy feet cause problems for you that present in other parts of your body?

Foot Conditions Aren’t Just About Your Feet 

Your feet can often be overlooked, but they play a significant role in your body’s proper functioning. Complications that lead to unhealthy feet, could also have implications elsewhere. 

Unhealthy feet & your skin go hand in hand.

Infectious conditions like foot fungus can spread to other areas of your body if left untreated. At Kings Point Foot & Ankle, we’re happy to help you treat any fungal issues you may be experiencing with our PinPointe Foot Laser Therapy. Interested in more details? Feel free to schedule a consultation today to learn more about this quick, painless procedure.

Unhealthy feet lead to leg & back pain.

Problems that begin with flat feet can cause more issues from head to toe. For instance, those with flat feet may experience misalignment in other areas of their body, experienced in a Domino effect. Thus, your flat feet will impact how the joints in your ankle connect to your leg. This can also change how your leg connects with your knee. Many areas of your body may be shifted from normal positioning.

Unhealthy feet harm proper organ function.

Reflexology suggests that there is a connection between parts of your feet and every area of your body. For instance, the heel and ball of your foot correspond to your small intestines. Through the use of massage techniques on your healthy feet, you can improve the health of this organ. For example, if you have issues with bloating or digestion, massaging this ball or heel of your foot may help. Adversely, if this area of your foot is unhealthy, you may experience complications.

Unhealthy feet can cause neck pain.

Your walking style can be more than just a form of self expression. It may actually be the culprit behind your neck pain. Sure, it’s hard to imagine how body parts on opposing ends of your composition can be so closely tied. The fact is, how you walk can change the placement of your head. How you hold your head can lead to strain which causes neck pain. 

Ideally, your gait should be composed of equal strides from both your right and left side while walking. Gait refers to an individual’s style of walking. Moreover, a gait cycle consists of repetitive swinging and stepping that allows humans to move. A biomechanical combination out of the ordinary can lead to strain in the neck.

It may be surprising to find just how much unhealthy feet can affect your body’s wellness. We hope this will inspire you to take better care of your feet and also take note of what you can learn from them. 

If you believe that the way your body feels begins with healthy feet, schedule your consultation with Doctor Benji today, the top-ranking foot specialist in Los Angeles.