Nerve Assist

A natural organic vegan approach to nerve pain

By Dr. Benjamin Tehrani: My mother’s health motivated me to work on this new and safe approach

The need to address this problem was one I could not ignore. After seeing firsthand the effects of neuropathy in my patients, I grew tired of seeing inefficient, overpriced, and lackluster solutions to the real problem.

I listened to my patients repeatedly object medications that often adversely affected them, while only partially solving their issues with neuropathy. I began to understand that for many, the side effects that accompanied these drugs, could not outweigh the benefit promised by the product.

At best, they successfully masked the symptoms, but at worst they failed to address the underlying issue, leaving patients in search of the next viable option.


For many, that meant an increasingly potent cocktail of drugs needed to keep the worst of the pain at bay – oxycontin, ketamine, methadone, you name it. Who wants to live relying on highly addictive drugs like this that solve one problem, but are tearing down your body in other irrefutable ways?

I set out to create a comprehensive, natural alternative that wouldn’t trade one problem for another and succeeded.

What makes Nerve Assist different from the other options available? It’s simple. I thought about the most powerful organic ingredients needed for your body to get control of your nerve pain once and for all and combined them all together as a revolutionary defense.

Nerve Assist is a healthy, organic, and effective treatment to nerve pain that frankly, my patients have been in need of for years.

Nerve Assist


Although Nerve Assist was initially developed with my diabetic patients in mind, diabetics are not the only group of people that are impacted by neuropathy. Neuropathy can occur for a large number of reasons, including viral exposure, traumatic nerve injury, surgical procedures, and nutritional deficiencies.

The symptoms also span across a wide range of possibilities, presenting as a tingling or pricking sensation on one side of the spectrum. On the other side, lie more intense symptoms like burning sensations, stabbing sensations or even the feeling of electric shock.

It’s imperative to confront the root of these issues, nerves that have been damaged in one way or another, and prevent this from occurring. Damaged nerve cells inhibit the normal function of the nervous system so any approach to end neuropathy must focus on this core issue.

I want to help you today. I want your quality of life to improve so that you can resume a sense of normalcy. Try Nerve Assist today, the natural alternative to traditional neuropathy treatments.


Dr. Benjamin Tehrani